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A Michigan retiree is suing a Detroit bank after she says employees refused to cash a check she received from a casino after winning a jackpot. Lizzie Pugh told CNN she won more than $12,000 on a slot machine at Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, during a church outing earlier this year. On April 11, 2022, Pugh went to Fifth Third Bank in Livonia, Michigan, to open a savings account and deposit her winnings into a newly created account, according to court documents. Pugh’s complaint alleges she was told by three White bank employees at Fifth Third Bank that the check was “fraudulent.” Vegas11 में हो या वास्तविक लास वेगास में, कमाई के खेल बहुत आकर्षक हैं। Vegas11 ऑनलाइन कमाई वाले खेलों की सुविधा के कारण, अधिक लोग ऑनलाइन कमाई करने की ओर प्रवृत्त होते हैं। Vegas11 खिलाड़ियों को सर्वश्रेष्ठ गेमिंग वातावरण प्रदान करने के लिए ऑनलाइन कमाई करने वाले खेलों की एक पूरी श्रृंखला विकसित करता है। ऑनलाइन कमाई को लेकर सबसे ज्यादा चिंता की बात है व्यक्तिगत जानकारी और फंड की सुरक्षा। Vegas11 “We are committed to fair and responsible banking and prohibit discrimination of any kind. From our review of the claims, we believe the facts to be different than what is alleged. Our employees are trained to help every customer with their banking needs, and our employees follow procedures to facilitate the opening of any new account,” a spokesperson for Fifth Third Bank said in a statement to CNN. In a statement to CNN, Pugh’s attorney Deborah Gordon said, “What happened to Ms. Pugh is yet another example of the hurdles and indignities facing Black Americans as they try to get through the day. It is not only young Black men who are profiled. Fortunately, Michigan has a strong statute prohibiting discrimination in ‘public accommodations,’ including banks.” Pugh says she was able to cash it at another bank. “I had this check, and I didn’t want it on me now,” Pugh told CNN. Vegas11 खिलाड़ियों के डेटा की सुरक्षा सुनिश्चित करने के लिए सर्वर में खिलाड़ियों के डेटा को लॉक करने के लिए उच्च अंत गोपनीयता तकनीक का उपयोग करता है।

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